To perform varied tasks pc systems takes help from their elements that comes along and perform their tasks within the specific manner The primary elements of a system


It helps to send knowledge and directions to the central process unit for the processing. Input devices settle for knowledge in a very form that the pc will utilize. Also, the input devices send the information or directions to the process unit to be processed into helpful information. The data input device feeds knowledge, raw unprocessed facts, to the process unit. Input may be supplied with the assistance of any input devise like Mouse or keyboard. A inform device like mouse is any human interface device that permits a user to input spatial data to a pc. within the case of mice and bit screens, this can be typically achieved by police investigation movement across a physical surface. Analog devices, such as 3D mice, joysticks, or inform sticks, perform by reportage their angle of deflection that we’ve been exposed within the world of pc Movements of the inform device area unit echoed on hype, pc advertisements and pc headlines. we have a tendency to act with computers in our daily simple intuitive thanks to navigate a computer’s user interface A keyboard is Associate in Nursing data input device, partly sculpturesque after the keyboard, that uses Associate in Nursing levers or electronic switches. A keyboard generally has characters etched or written on the keys and each press of a key generally corresponds to one written image. However, to provide some symbols requires pressing and holding many keys simultaneously or in sequence. whereas most keyboard keys turn out letters, numbers or signs (characters), other keys or coincident key presses will turn out actions or pc commands. In traditional usage, the keyboard is employed to kind text and numbers into a application, text editor or different program.

Central process Unit

It executes computer directions it’s sort of a brain to computer system. The role of the process unit or central process unit is to use a stored program to govern the computer file into the knowledge needed. The central processing unit or CPU is that the pc component to blame for running programs and applications on the pc. The CPU consists of electronic circuits that interpret The CPU, with the assistance of memory, executes instructions within the repetition of machine cycles. A machine cycle consists of 4steps:-

  1. The management unit fetches Associate in Nursing instruction and data related to it from memory.
  2. The management unit decodes the instruction.
  3. The arithmetic/logic unit executes the instruction. The arithmetic/logic unit executes the instruction.
  4. The arithmetic/logic units store result in memory.


It holds knowledge and programs for temporarily process and storage device devices store knowledge and programs for good. It works with the CPU to carry directions and knowledge so as to be processed. Memory keeps the directions and knowledge for no matter programs you happen to be victimisation at the moment. Memory is that the initial place knowledge and instructions area unit placed once being input; processed info is placed in memory to be came back to Associate in Nursing output device. Memory is measured in bytes or Megabytes.

Primary Memory;-There area unit 2 varieties of Primary memory as follows:

  • Read solely Memory (ROM):- ROM could be a tiny space of permanent memory that gives startup directions when the pc is turned on. The instructions in ROM area unit set by the manufacturer and can’t be modified by the user. The last instruction in ROM directs the pc to load the operative system.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM):- This is that the space of memory wherever knowledge and program directions area unit keep whereas the computer is operative. This is temporary memory. the information keep in RAM is lost forever once the ability is turned off. For this reason it’s terribly important that you simply save your work before turning off your pc.

Secondary Memory;– In secondary memory files may be keep for good. the advantages of storage device area unit giant house capability, reliability, convenience and economy. For example a tough disk, an enclosed disk, is a metal platter coated with magnetic compound that can be magnetic to represent knowledge. Hard disks are available a range of sizes and may be assembled into a pack. onerous disks for personal computers area unit three ½” disks in sealed modules. a tough disk is capable of holding a great deal over floppy disks. Hard disks for private computers area unit measured in gigabytes. HDs record knowledge by magnetizing magnetic attraction material directionally, to represent either a O or a one binary digit. They browse the information back by police investigation the magnetization of the fabric. A typical HDD design consists of a spindle that holds one or additional flat circular disks referred to as platters, onto that the information are recorded. The platters area unit made up of a non- magnetic material, typically metal alloy or glass, and area unit coated with a skinny layer of magnetic material, standard copy paper is zero.07-0.18 mm (70,000. 180,000 nm) thick – with Associate in Nursing outer layer of carbon for protection. Older disks used iron (III) compound as the magnetic material, however current disks use a cobalt-based alloy.

Output devices

It processed knowledge on the market to the user for storage device. Associate in Nursing output device displays the processed info to employing a comp the user. the 2 hottest styles of without any output devices area unit the printer and also the monitor. example of VDU could be a term wont to describe a visible operative sy display device for a pc. for instance, and different DI a flat panel show, monitor, and a projector Software are all samples of VDUs. visual display unit is most program that commonly wont to describe a regular gas-discharge tube.

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