Characteristics of pc

Computers give the process speed needed by all aspects of society. the short service we tend to expect at the bank, at the foodstuff, on the stock market, and on the net are smitten by the speed of. Computers are capable of storing monumental amounts of information that has got to be situated and retrieved terribly quickly. the potential to store and retrieve volumes of information is at the core of the data Age.


Its one in all the foremost vital characteristics of computers of contemporary era. The operations on the information within the computer are performed through electronic circuits in line with the given directions The data and directions flow on these circuits with high speed that’s on the point of the speed of sunshine. pc will perform million of billion of operations on the information in one second. {the pc|the pc} generates signals during the operation method so the speed of pc is typically live in mega hertz (MHZ) or gega hertz (GHz).

Arithmetical and Logical Operations

A pc will perform pure mathematics and logical operations. In logic operation it compares the numerical knowledge similarly as alphabetical knowledge.This characteristics facilitate to resolve numerous complex machine issues.


additionally to being in no time, computer is additionally terribly correct device. It gives accurate output result on condition that the correct input file and set of directions are given to the pc. It means output is totally trusted the given directions and input file. If input file is in-correct then the ensuing output are going to be in-correct.


The electronic parts in modern pc have terribly low failure rate. The modern pc will perform terribly complicated calculations while not making any problem and produces consistent (reliable) results. In general, computers are terribly reliable. Communications are terribly reliable and customarily out there whenever needed.


A pc has internal storage 318D (memory) similarly as external or secondary storage. In auxiliary storage, an outsized quantity of data and programs (set of instructions) will be keep for future use. The keep knowledge and programs are out there any time for processing. equally data downloaded from the net will be saved on the storage media.


individuals usually have problem to repeat their directions once more and once more. Computer will repeat actions systematically (again and again) while not losing its


A pc will mechanically perform operations while not intrusive the user throughout the operations. It controls automatically totally different devices connected with the computer. It executes mechanically the program directions one by one.


To play multimedia system animations for training functions. To deliver a lecture through pc in a category area etc. A pc can do the activity with the same method on every occasion.

Retrieving knowledge and programs

the information and program keep on the storage media will be retrieved terribly quickly for any processing. This helps to use the keep knowledge for future functions.


Versatile means that versatile. Modern computer will perform totally different reasonably tasks one by one in all at the same time. it’s the foremost important feature of pc. that is helps us to perform numerous tasks at an equivalent time with Brobdingnagian flexibility and movement among various processes.


A pc will regularly work for hours while not making any error. It does not get tired whereas operating when hours of work it performs the operations with an equivalent accuracy similarly as speed because the 1st one.


Computers aren’t solely quick and consistent however they additionally perform operations very accurately and exactly. for instance, in manual calculations and miscalculation fractional prices (That is value with decimal point will amendment the particular result). In computer but, you’ll be able to keep the accuracy and exactness up to the amount, we desire. The length calculations stay continually correct.

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